Peter Augustovic

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Peter Augustovic
Peter Augustovic


1985     Award of Honour - (the best Slovak book), Bratislava, Czechoslovakia

1985     Reward of SFVU -  Bratislava, Czechoslovakia

1989     Art Diploma  - 13th WFYS,  Phjong-Jang, Korea

1991     Le prix du Cercle d´Amis des Ancients Studiants de l´Athénée - Sint Niklaas, Belgium

1991     Ist prize - International Exlibris Competition, Torino, Italy

1991     2nd prize - International Exlibris Competition, " Comenius", Prague, Czechoslovakia

1991     Honor Medal - 14th International Biennial of modern Exlibris, Malbork, Poland

1992     Prize Bartomeu Sigalés -  Barcelona 1992, Spain

1992     1st prize - Villa D´Este, International Competition,  Como, Italy

1992     Honour Medal - International Exlibris Competition, Genova, Italy

1995     Prize of the City of Sint-Niklaas - for engraving,  Sint Niklaas, Belgium

1995     Honor Medal - 1st Triennial of Exlibris, Bratislava, Slovakia

1995     Very Highly Commended - the world of Exlibris, International Competition, Beograd, Jugoslavia

1996     Honour Medal - 16th International Biennial of modern Exlibris, Malbork, Poland

1997     2nd Prize - International Exlibris Competition, " Pro Loco di Localbegna " Milano, Italy                   

1997     Honourable Diploma - International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria

1998     Prize - 1st International Biennial Thematic "ST. GEORGE ", Albenga, Italy

1998     Honourable Mention -2nd International Exlibris Triennial, Bratislava, Slovakia  

1998     Honour Medal - 2nd International Biennial "RACIBÓRZ ´98 ", Racibórz, Poland

1999     Honorary Diploma - 8th International Biennale of Small Forms, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland

1999     1st prize - The best Post-stamp of Slovakia 1998, Kostolany pod Tríbe?om, Slovakia

2000     Menció - Exlibris in the 21st Century, Barcelona, Spain

2001     3rd prize – The best Post-stamp of Slovakia 2000, Kostolany pod Tríbe?om, Slovakia

2003     Sponsors prize – 1 First International Exlibris Biennial, Sofia, Bulgaria

2003     Tai-ho Masterpiece Award  - International Print Biennial Beijing 2003, Beijing, Republic of China

2004     3rd prize – The best Post-stamp of Slovakia 2003, Bratislava, Slovakia

2005     Prize of the ministry of Slovakia – Slovak Post-stamp 2005, Bratislava, Slovakia  

2006     Selected Prize- In the Drawing Category at The12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, R.O.C., Taiwan,  Republic of China

2007     Special prize /Inonu University/- The Second International Ex-libris Competition – Ankara 2007, Republic of Turkey

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